It's that time of the week... we need podcast questions

Should be plenty of gasoline for the fire :rofl:

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I noticed in the first two games Jones would always try to finish with his right hand even on the left side of the basket. Was this something you noticed in scouting and, if so, what sort of limitations does that put on the offense overall.

Could you reflect on some good teams (college or pro) with non-shooter at 4 … how do they score? What does their 4 look like? Does Gr3 Michigan count? I can’t remember how much he actually shot from three.

  1. Houston: is he simply adjusting on defense or is it time to reevaluate his floor/ceiling on that end?

  2. There was a point last week when you both were wondering if you were getting too in the weeds. IMO, no. Thought you were on the right track, just need a little digression for explanation. You guys are off to a great start here.

I like this question.

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I would love to hear what Seton Hall was doing, scheme-wise, to keep Michigan out of their comfort zone. What were they keeping Michigan from doing? Why was it so effective? I’m not bright enough to pick these things out but I really enjoy understanding it.


Piggybacking off of this. Is Seton Hall’s defensive strategy repeatable for future opponents? Or did it work because of SH’s size and length? I can’t think of many Big Ten teams that are similar to SH.

What can Michigan do to get Dickinson more involved offensively in games where the opponent doesn’t respect the shooters on the perimeter and packs the defenders around him? (Besides simply making shots because I think perimeter shooting could be a recurring issue this year).


I honestly feel like the SHU game was more about mental mistakes than tactical ones both on offense and on defense. The amount of open shots that were passed up in favor of bad ones seemed much higher than previous years, as well as lazy man/space assignments. Maybe I’m wrong, but would you have game planned that any different if you had to play that game again?

Edit: also, I thought that there were 5-6 times we passed up open 3s for either a bad 2 or a bad pass. Do we really need to find a way to shoot more threes, or just focus on shooting the ones that were already schemed in the offense?

  1. I know it is a bit early, but can we get a stock report on the folks in the rotation based on how they’ve performed in few games against what reasonable expectations were for this early?

  2. Is it right to be nervous that Juwan, as a big, overvalues bigs and nonshooters for team composition or do we really not know enough yet?

  3. We got the taste, but you wanted to wait before you really went in on the auto-bench. Don’t! Give us the doctoral thesis on why it’s stupid (and also explain why smart coaches still fall victim to believing in it)?

  4. I recall Hunter getting really gassed at the beginning of last year as he adjusted to the college game. Houstan plays a different position and probably has better stamina, but is it dangerous to be relying on him for 39 minutes a game? Could it stunt his growth or confidence to be developing his game while he is exhausted?


Given that Seton Hall put a lot of shooting on the floor but didn’t have a dynamic creator that Michigan wanted to get the ball out of the hands of, why was Michigan in drop coverage? Were they just carrying over their early season defense to get reps?

How does Houstan’s D compare to Franz at this early stage in their respective college career?

How much of the struggles Michigan had containing dribblers is a scheme problem vs. a talent problem? How much can Michigan expect to improve?

How much of Michigan’s lack of production w ball screens is a spacing problem vs. executing the right reads?

Some of you guys are gonna have to run these back next week :wink: We just finished recording.

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