Isaiah Todd named 2020 McDonald's All American

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Why does that roster list so many undecideds for players who committed already?

:man_shrugging: It is the official roster, must have just not been all that diligent updating it.

Yeah, weird. Thought maybe they only included signed kids or something but it lists Michigan for Todd. There should only be 4 undecideds I believe.

I disagree with Mark Williams getting selected over Dickinson… just sayin’

All kinds of current and former Michigan targets to watch in addition to Todd - Burnett, Springer, Williams, Kessler, Christopher, Brown

Michigan’s first burger boy in a long time

Assuming he actually makes it on campus he would be the first since Horton I believe.

I guess no one should feel sorry for Roy Williams this year being at the ACC bottom. He has 4 of these guys coming to UNC.

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I’m probably not remembering this correctly, but wasn’t Chatman in this game? I remember watching him in something like this prior to his arrival at Michigan. Maybe was something else.

He played in the Jordan Brand classic. Similar, but talent is usually a step below the McDonalds game.

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Yup GR3 played in the Jordan game too

This is random, but GR3 also played in the Ball Is Life All American Game which had a halftime performance by Kendrick Lamar. He was still relatively unknown at the time. Pretty funny/crazy he performed at some random and small high school game.


That’s a fantastic trivia nugget! If I could give you ten likes I would!!

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5 months before Good Kid M.A.A.D City. That all star game got a good deal, lol


Haha yes they did. A hell of a deal.

I knew a couple of people who went to that game to watch GR3. They obviously didn’t know who Kendrick Lamar was at the time. They couldn’t even remember his name afterwards. When we looked up who that performer was a few years later, the look on their faces was priceless haha.