Is the 2015 Class Expected to be a one or two man Class?

It seems that if a Jalen Coleman or Prince Ali wants to commit, we’d certainly take them…but would we take anyone else with one of (or both) of those players in the fold?

We’d obviously take Ellenson or Swanigan if we made a move with either and they wanted to come. Hard to say what we want to do with the guards/wings. The coaches will have to evaluate Dawkins and Abdur-Rahkman this summer and try to come up with reasonable expectations for both in a year. They definitely need one who can contribute right away, but after that, can be very selective. I for one would like to see us get Prince Ali, a great defender with tremendous athleticism. Pair him with Coleman, or even Matt Ryan, and that would be a nice combination of skill sets. On the other hand, Dozier might slide in very comfortably to replace LeVert.