Irvin and Walton...shot selection

As most know, I’m a big supporter of Beilein and have been for a long time. I am not a big supporter of letting Irvin and Walton take whatever shot they want on the offensive end. It’s really frustrating to watch those two guys (am I emotional after the Northwestern game, maybe, but it’s been all year) take contested pull-up 2’s and 3’s early in the offense. There are NEVER repercussions for their terrible shot selection and I blame Beilein for that.

The response to this is, Irvin made the one that mattered. I don’t mind that shot late in the shot clock or late in the game but I think those two guys tend to settle for those shots on a consistent basis early in the shot clock (others settle as well). It’s just frustrating for me knowing how good the offense can be if they actually run it all the way through. I don’t see it changing the rest of the year (Big 10’s and hopefully NCAA tourney), especially with Spike and Caris out.


It’s all about coaching accountability. They take those misguided shots constantly because they are not worried about any coaching repercussions.

There isn’t anybody to check in for them.

Chezaroo I could not agree with you more!!.. BUT, the flip argument of that is who the heck are you going to put in for an extended period of time to teach them about “repercussions?”? JB has to roll with the bad decisions/shot selections when it is still a better option than sitting them.

I completely understand that there isn’t anyone to put in for them. With as much film as the team watches, you would think that it would come up during that time and the coaches and the kids would adjust. They just haven’t.

Recruit better and you will have options for making players accountable. You either control your team, or they control you.

I know Izzo has more options, but he for damn sure will hold you accountable during the game for BS shot attempts. Oftentimes without “pulling” you from the game.