Introducing Max Marcovitch


Go Braves?


Welcome Max! I too learned to read (in the mid-80s) by comparing box scores to rosters I was familiar with…Yzerman was a fun one for my dad to teach. Glad I’m not the only one…looking forward to your work!

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Actually, my dad’s side is from Boston and he raised me a lifelong Red Sox fan. All the other Atlanta teams, though

Thanks, Chip! Pumped to get started.

ahh oh well. Glad to have an Atlanta guy though!

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Let me know when you need to restock the fridge with Creature Comforts! Look forward to seeing your work.

Looking forward to your articles. Welcome aboard.

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How early can we make that happen?! Excited to be aboard.

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Thank you! Can’t wait to get going…

Welcome. So how many minutes do you think Eli is going to get at the 2?

That was mean!

Welcome to UMHoops Max.
Curious, have you previously been active on the forum?

Sure sounds like Franz could figure into the picture at the ‘2’, forming what would have to be one of the biggest Michigan lineups in recent memory. Even if so, Eli is going to have to play quite a bit, whether starting or otherwise.

Familiar with Dylan’s work, but new to the forum!

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Welcome Max!

I’m guessing our paths may have crossed during that weekend in Wichita. I was probably still awake at 3am as well, but likely back at my hotel, cursing my old laptop for running Lightroom so slowly as I worked to get my photo gallery edited and up.

I look forward to reading you this season.

Go Blue!

Thanks! I think we’ll all remember where we were that night. Those of us who were lucky enough to be in Wichita won’t soon forget it. Especially a lucky college kid like me.


Well, last time I shipped Creature to AA it took 3 days UPS. LOL