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Hey guys, my name is Zach. I graduated from U of M in 2010. I’m a big time college basketball fan, and extremely excited about the future of Michigan bball. Love this site, btw. Congrats on opening a forum…really looking forward to some great discussions.

This forum is a great idea! Thanks for setting it up. I’ve been watching Michigan sports as long as I can remember. One would say I’m obsessed with the Maize and Blue. Looking forward to some great discussions about MICHIGAN BASKETBALL!


My name is Andy and I have been a college hoops junkie since I was 10 years old after watching the NCSt vs Houston title game. I really got into UofM hoops around the 1985-1986 season. I have lived through the ups and downs of the program and have been attending games every year since. I love the direction the program is headed in and love the work that Dylan and co. put forth on this website…

Hey all, I’ve followed the site since the beginning though only rarely commented–hope to get more involved with the forums in place.

Grew up with the Fab 5, graduated from M in 98, & now live in NC. My wife (also an alum) went to Duke for grad school & we did the whole campout/Cameron thing so I follow the Devils as well (as a distant second, of course).

Hi, my name is Joe. This fall I’ll be a 5th year senior at UM. Before coming to college, I couldn’t care less about sports. But after one year in the basketball band, I became obsessed with Michigan basketball. That year was the year we played Tennessee and Duke in the tourney, which I got to see in person. Finding made it even easier to keep up with the team! Really looking forward to my last year in the bands.

Hey everyone, name is Nick. Big Michigan hoops fan, and a big fan of this site. It’s been an amazing ride that this program has put us through in recent years. All the more sweeter after sitting through the down years. Cannot wait for next season and the direction of this program makes me giddy.

Hey all! Grew up on Michigan hoops, attended UM for 2 1/2 years and am raising my son the right way. I love scouting our recruits in person and film and could talk forever about this once again wonderful program! Go Blue!

I am a UMhoops oholic. Love Michigan basketball. Thanks Dylan for the great site !

UM alum from the late 90s. I’m a UM junkie. Camped out at Crisler my freshman year for tickets, and then they quit doing that. I live in Chicago with my wife and 2 kids.

Love the site, been a Michigan fan since I was 8. The first games I remember watching were the fab five’s second trip to the final four. Went to school during the Amaker era, and still try to get to 6-7 games a year.

Season Ticket Holder and UM hoops junkie.

Love the site! I’m another UM basketball junkie and Kenpom nerd. Was a student season ticket holder from '02-'03 through '05-'06 (the heart of the Amaker… swoon?) and am loving the Beilein era!

My name is Daniel and I’m a umhoops-aholic.

My name is Angelo and am a huge Michigan fan since I was growing up in the late 80s/early 90s.

If this forum is like everything else on this site, it’ll be great. Thanks Dylan for putting this together.

Hello! Go Blue! Yay!

My name is beside the point. I am MGoShoe.

Congrats to Dylan for taking the jump into forum world. I do not envy your new role as a moderator of civility.

Congrats on launching the forum, Dylan! Looking forward to discussing our favorite bball team here.

Great site! Been rooting for big blue since the days of Ricky Green, Steve Grote
and Phil Hubbard! Live in nearby Windsor Ontario, GOBLUE!!

Go Blue! can’t wait for next season!!! Expecting big things!