Interesting scheduling note

The Big Ten is planning to play two conference games in early December of 2017, sources told FanRag Sports.

The two games would be part of a “Big Ten Weekend”, which would feature the conference’s football championship game on Saturday, Dec. 2nd.

Each basketball program would play one home game and one away game under the expected plan, with the games taking place between Friday Dec. 1st and Monday Dec. 4th, a separate source said.

I like it – more interesting basketball earlier – although I worry a bit it’ll make it even less likely to have interesting out of conference games. Not next year when Maui + at least 3 games are set, but in subsequently if this becomes a yearly thing.

You’ll have the Big Ten/ACC, Gavitt (for some teams) and a preseason tourney and then yeah… I can see that there probably won’t be a lot more from there if they make this move.

I assume this is so they can finish the Big Ten season early for the Big Ten Tournament in MSG? Or is that a different year?

Good point, forgot all about that. That is next year.