Interesting question asked on FSR this morning

This is the UMHoops board. Not sure this is a place where that question is interesting.

As an inhabitant of the MgoBoard I can report that the question is more complex for me.

Or it would be if such things mattered. Since the sports do not actually affect each other, I feel comfortable rooting for wins in both (and a national title in hockey, something I’ve been craving for decades of close attention to the program).

I might make the trade, depending on circumstances. But that doesn’t matter, because no such trade is on the table. There’s no law that says we can’t win everything, so we might as well try.

Win the games.


Because five years ago a win over OSU would’ve propelled Michigan to the Big Ten Championship and likely to the CFP. Same for 2018. It’s not just the win over OSU, it’s the door that’s opened because of the win. But that’s why I said five (or also three) years ago, because Michigan was actually in a position to do some things with an OSU win. But now? It would be nice, don’t get me wrong, but is it that big a deal if you likely already have 2-3 losses and are probably eliminated from nationally impactful postseason play? Being 9-3 with a win over OSU is better than 9-3 with a loss to them, but it’s still 9-3.

That was my thought process.

Going back and rewriting history with that 2016 game would be fascinating. I think it broke the program. Still wouldn’t trade anything. I’d buy a maize and blue “Basketball School” t-shirt. If that doesn’t exist I hope it does soon.


I’m pretty sure it does exist right now…maybe UMBarstool or something? It’s been on my social media targeted ads all week

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Clearly I am doing a poor job telling the AI what to try and sell me


I think a question that makes me take time to consider is whether you would rather have a basketball national championship or for the football team to switch situations with the OSU team i.e. be the dominant power that consistently wins the rivalry game and goes to the playoff. This hypothetical makes me prolly go with the football scenario since it would lead to having powers in both the major sports.

I was going to say this. National titles are hard (unless you’re Stanford). No regular season single event is worth giving one up.

Funny how some seem to be taken back by a poll question that was put forth by the Dan Patrick Show on Fox Sports Radio. Most on the show thought that most Michigan fans would take the National Championship in hoops, but if the tables were turned where Ohio State was 2 for the last 19 most if not many Ohio State fans would go for the win over Michigan.

And this is the difference between Michigan and OSU fans.