Interest in Seton Hall Transfer Jeren Sina?

Edit: His stats were 7.0 ppg, 2.3 apg, 2.5 rpg, and 1.4 tpg. He’s only shooting 32% from three but he was 38% his freshman year. His Offensive rating is 102.4 which would be 3rd on our current roster for guards and wings, behind Spike and Dawkins. Keep in mind that his numbers were better earlier in the season and he said that the locker room rift has effected his play.

Saw this on mgoblog and did some research saying that Michigan, along with several other schools, have expressed interest in Sina, who was a sophomore this season and is transferring due to a split in the locker room between the upperclassmen and the freshman, particularly Isaiah Whitehead. One article explained part of the reasoning behind his departure:

“There’s the major problem caused by the superstar attitude of Whitehead, who had 20 points Saturday in the loss to Providence, but has been less than All-American all season, averaging just 12 points per game and shooting just 36 percent from the floor.
Whitehead came to South Orange complete with his own personal posse, both on the court and off. He arrives everywhere with teammates Carrington and Rodriguez, but also with five or so others who are not players nor family members. It’s not known whether or not they are even Seton Hall students, yet they are constantly in Whitehead’s company.”

Sina would have to sit out a year and then have 2 years of eligibility left starting in 2016, our first year without Spike. Here’s one of the articles that reports our involvement:

I’m not personally very interested given all of our point guard targets on the board for 2015 and 16, but it’s just something to keep an eye on for the backup role.

I’ll pass, one dimensional shooter