Intangible: Team chemistry

Wondering what other people think. I think the team chemistry and team support for each other is off the charts. These guys seem to really enjoy playing with each other. It is going to allow them to reach their ceiling this year, I think.


Honestly, I think Beilein’s process of scholarship offering guarantees this to a degree - it’s been well established that players get a voice in whether a kid gets offered or not, which will always foster a strong culture. I can’t really recall a Beilein team that wasn’t close-knit since that Manny/DeShawn team that went off the rails (and those guys weren’t his recruits).

So, short answer - I agree, but this always seems like a strength of ours. Maybe we notice it more because our bench mob is particularly charismatic.


Yeah, I don’t these anything that would put them above or below any of Beilein’s other teams in terms of chemistry.

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Agree with you @gtfomycourt. These guys all love to pass to each other.

Seems I recall a player saying this team was more together than any he has been on, which I thought was odd since last year’s team seemed pretty close.

Almost all his team’s have that. That’s where a lot of hand wringing in recruiting comes from as he obviously doesn’t only look at stars and talent.

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