Injuries plague Michigan in first week of the season


Nice to get this type of information.

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I really think the freshmen will be important for this team - even without the injuries. The last two classes have significantly increased the talent level on the team if recruiting rankings are to be trusted.

I’m not against the women’s articles, pretty cool actually…but seeing just the headline almost gave me a heart attack this morning


Happy to see articles on the women’s team. Keep ‘em coming.

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Why? The liner above the headline says
" Womens Basketball"
The article photo features Maddy Nolan!

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The headlines pop up on my Facebook. Was just a quick glance. Thought someone got injured training or something.

This is great. Hope Dilk and Brown heal quickly.

Good to see the freshmen making an impact.

Did Dilk or Brown play Tuesday? CMU game seems like first in which their absence might matter.

Oh, sorry, thanks for the update.