Indiana's Woes

What’s going on in Bloomington?

February - Perea arrested for DUI
April - Yogi & Robinson charged for underage drinking and fake ID
November - Holt (drunk) hits Davis (drunk)
November - Williams & Robinson failed drug tests

…not to mention all the transfers they had in the past year.

The drug tests were this summer, but yeah a rough couple weeks for Indiana. Tide starting to turn against Crean quickly in Bloomington.

For underage DUI and hitting a teammate he gets four games and McGary was going to get a full year?

For underage DUI and hitting a teammate he gets four games and McGary was going to get a full year?

Yyyeah I was wondering the same thing. He almost killed him. But I guess since it was “mostly Davis’ fault” then that trumps the underage DUI and it’s dangers.

And can anyone educate me on the failed drug tests?

McGary got a full year from the NCAA
IU players get 4 games from their coach

How does that work? Did they test high on Flintstone vitamins?

If NCAA discovers = 1 year; if team discovers = slap on wrist

Team policies are usually 1 game for a first failed test, 3 for a second, a season for a third.

NCAA policy was any failed NCAA test = 1 year. Believe they changed it to 6 months now.

Thanks for correction Dylan, the NCAA amended the provision subsequent to McGary ruling, despite the fact that the McGary incident coincided with the provision amendment…way to stick it to us

Sorry to babble on about this, but it really pisses me off…the players are penalized according to the method of disovery rather than degree/nature of the offense. If that isn’t ass backwards what is?

Ah the NCAA, that bastion of reason and fairness in college sports that always puts the interests of these amateur athletes first.

And to pour more salt in the wounds…watch as the NCAA does nothing about UNC, maybe a slap on the wrist at best.

I’ve been saying it for a while, the NCAA infraction committee should be investigated for committing infractions concerning their review/procedural process.

Crean’s time at IU is running out. He was already on the hot seat coming into the season and now this? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, weirdo.

Couldn’t be happening to a bigger dickhead.

Did I hear that 2 of the 4 suspension games will be the exhibitions? Ridiculous.

I still can’t believe what happened with Mitch. What an absolute joke. Can you imagine him in this team? We would be looking at another Elite 8/ Final Four capable squad. Oh well such is life.