Indiana at Michigan Discussion


Poole’s future is at the 2, in fact, I had visions of him replacing Rahk later this year. That may not happen, but he will likely take his place there next year.

It would be great if Poole could learn the 2 and 3 this year. He could give us 8-10 backup minutes at both spots.



That basically refers to the side of the floor that he’s playing on offense. The three and the four are the same things, just flipped, offensively. Defensively, you can guess who is guarding to more difficult cover.

I think Beilein’s quote after the game was “we were playing four guards, if he wants to say he was playing the four then he can”.


His future this year is at the three. Much easier to learn the wing as a freshman IMO and it seems like they are focusing on that (per Beilein yseterday). Same sort of situation as Stauskas who played all three as a freshman and then two as a sophomore.

The 1-2 minutes seem like they’ll be split between Eli, MAAR, and Simpson right now.


$2,135,040 this year for “riding the pine.” And a projected $18.5 million over five years. A guarantee of $3.9 million over the first two years and the potential for $4.6 over those two years. A projected $7.5 million give or take a few bucks if he gets a third year. I didn’t want him to go. I didn’t think he was ready. I thought he needed one more year to “develop.” I was flabbergasted when he was picked 17th. BUT, I don’t get a vote. The Bucks know a lot more about DJ’s value to them than I do. I don’t think we can say he didn’t make the right choice for him. Now, money isn’t everything, or perhaps with another year he would have been picked higher for MORE money, and perhaps he wouldn’t have. It’s hard to make up the $2.135 million he’s making this year.


This is just my hunch, but I think we saw phase one of JB’s plan to play a 4 guard lineup in a lot of situations.

The four guard lineup might work even better with Brooks instead of Z but JB probably wanted to protect Brooks from the possible confusion of the changeup. But maybe not because transition is dependent upon deflections and turnovers, to some extent, so perhaps a four guard lineup would be best suited for Z.

MAAR was taking the 4 spot offensively when there was a chance to push the pace and when he was the first able to get to the spot.

I would not be surprised if the four guards are going to push the pace, Look for quick 3’s, then, just “play ball” for the first few seconds of half-court/ late transition, if nothing happens they will set up with everyone in their ideal positions. The goal, I think, is to have 4 players who can run the floor well, hit transition 3’s, And be playmakers in late transition.

Brooks, Poole, Matthews, and Maar are all fast and capable in transition, capable ball handlers and all 3 point shooting threats.

If the emergence of Poole is a real thing it is going to really be a game changer, imo. And I expect this team to be a lot more fun to watch than the last few years…

+MO= electric lineup.


I thought Stauskas primarily played the 3 as a sophomore still? I remembered him lining up in the left corner to start the offense with Caris as the 2?


Ant knows that (he played in the offense :-)). Just pointing out that it isn’t a huge bridge to cross for Poole to play “4” on offense.


Despite the confusing name, the twitter account belongs to Anthony Wright.


He played the four in Michigan’s offense, under Beilein.


dang that’s cool. What with his handle then :wink: ? I see what he’s saying there…twitter can tend to be unclear/imprecise at times. I’ll shut up now :slight_smile:


The comparison was based on people calling for Poole to be inserted in the starting lineup. Since Poole has been repping at the wing this year, if Poole’s going to start, it would be at Robinson’s expense not Matthews.


Didn’t Beilein do that with Irvin, Hardaway and Manny Harris, also? Use them on the Wing as Freshmen and then expand with SG responsibilities as a Sophomore?


I’m pretty sure that’s the plan. My question, Dylan or others, is the three or wing position easier to learn as a freshman in Beilein’s system? It would seem that’s the case.


Yeah, I guess that is probably true for the most part. Tim made a similar shift from the 3 to the 2 over his career though.


Think of the 2 as another ‘point guard’ … that’s why it is called a “two guard” offense. There are more ball handling responsibilities as a two than a three. The three and four are more of slashing, floor spacing, etc. roles. They feature off of pin downs, dribble hand offs, etc. I can’t say for sure if the wing is easier, but I do think learning one position instead of two is much easier.


Beilein also talked about getting Matthews time at the 2 (or Poole, but probably Matthews). Seems like they’d at least like the option of getting all the backup minutes at the 2 through 4 positions to Poole and Livers.