Indiana at Michigan Discussion

Really interesting matchup between Moe and De’Ron here…

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The enemy’s preview too, for those interested:

Fun quote:

Wagner is also an elite rebounder as his defensive rebounding percentage (33.9) currently ranks fourth in the country.


Defensive rebounding!!!

edit: is the key again…

Any possibility of some lineup changes? People like MAAR Duncan and Eli haven’t really played too special to be given anything and could possibly wake them up.

I would LOVE to see Poole start for a game just to see his energy and how things play out but MAAR is probably the least likely to get supplanted. But I never would have guessed that we would be seeing Eli start 4 games in a row at this point either


Usually someone has to be outplaying you to make a change in the starting lineup. We’re still waiting on that. I think there’s a much better chance of MAAR or Duncan playing better than they did in Chapel Hill than someone else coming in and blowing up.

At the point guard… who the heck knows.

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Must Win Game.

You wont hear me say that very often. Home against an Indiana team that isn’t very good. Knowing the next 3 games could be tough. I think it is a NCAA tournament must win.

I’m a pessimist but I don’t feel good about this one. They’re going to come in sky high off of the Duke game. That team looked plenty talented going score for score with Duke and I don’t know if a team with no point guard can beat a team with a bunch of options. We’re going to have to play better than we’ve played yet this season. People weren’t concerned watching their game the other night?

Dribble drive attacking team. One of our defensive weaknesses historically.

Interested to see if our PGs can stay in front of anybody.

Home court versus an away game. Big difference.


Give Duncan some more time, but if he continues this play the Brooks-MAAR-Poole-Matthews-Wagner lineup intrigues me.


It is the best possible lineup they can put out. I was calling for a Matthews small ball 4 lineup since the day DJ declared.


Phew, you were right. My first time seeing IU play was against Duke - clearly, it was a classic home team playing out of its mind thing.

Our team is going to be so much better by the last third of the season, hope we can get there in okay shape.

Hope we don’t face the reverse in Columbus in two days. They still have some talent - our team showed some nice pieces today, now will have to show toughness on the road.


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So as of Dec 2nd:

  • Brooks is the starting PG, but we aren’t sure that Beilein trusts him late (Simpson closed VCU and IU games).
  • Poole is the first wing off the bench.
  • Teske is a legitimate backup 5 and can provide minutes at that spot.

Outstanding questions:

  • Does Jaaron SImmons end up factoring into this season?
  • Can Isaiah Livers provide consistent production with his minutes as a backup 4? The 9th spot in the rotation is his, he just needs to produce.
  • Can Zavier Simpson provide enough offense?
  • Does Michigan even play two bigs together?