In Michigan-Michigan State, it all affects Zavier Simpson

It seems like X’s D has taken a step back with his larger role and our reliance on him in the offense. I wonder if, instead of asking DDJ or Eli to initiate more offense in this game to give X a break, it would make sense to let one of those two guard Winston. Both seem like + defenders and if they are going to PnR with Winston, it seems like it is going to shift burden away from Winston’s primary guard anyways

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I’ve noticed this too, I’m not sure if it’s a tired thing though, I’ve thought he’s been a little sloppy and less disciplined all year on both ends. Not trying to knock him he has still been great but I’d love for him to dial in to the level I know he can play at.

I still like your idea but I think ddj and Eli on both sides need to help him and create looks/ shots for themselves and others Game In game out. This team has the potential to be an offensive juggernaut like we have seen at times. Hopefully they step up and z and coach Howard trust them In that role.