In loss, Michigan gets its first look at a March without Isaiah Livers


Wagner-Smith-Brown a combined 4-27. Incredible that we had a chance to win it with those splits.


As much as I want another banner for this group of special Wolverines and especially for Livers, given the circumstances a part of me do feel losing in an incomplete but spirited comeback effort against a good OSU team who we also struggled when we were full strength is not the worst outcome.

As @umhoops wrote this is a mulligan. A W today won’t mean anything if we got blown out again by Illinois at the title game, which won’t be a surprise without Livers. Given this year’s B1G crop of asshat coaches, Holtman may already be one of the more classy ones. At least judging by their post game pressers Holtman genuinely gave us props and credits after their loss. It sound crazy given football rivalry but if I have to pick a team to lose to it might as well be OSU.

With a chance to win at the buzzer is no small feat given the rotation disruption. Hope we can use the time to figure out lineups and some time for the players to realize and understand their new roles.

Still hopeful for a deep run and go blue! :part_alternation_mark::blue_heart::yellow_heart:


I hate myself for saying I agree. OSU basketball is probably now 4th most hated after MSU Illinois MD. Holtman seems like a good guy and gives props to good players and his team balls hard. It feels a little like bizzaro Purdue- Michigan under Beilein v painter.

Unfortunately their fans are [redacted] so I don’t want them to have sustained success but a season split is totally fine.

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I think that this game, despite the loss at the end, pivots us well for the tournament run. I am glad to see Johns stepping up, and T.W. is contributing, two big question marks for replacing Livers’ minutes.