I'm a little nervous


This is quite interesting (from the 5 top 100 teams we’ve faced)


I wonder why JB is yanking Brooks/going with the rotation. Does he think one of the pg’s will ‘emerge’ into a stud, and none of them have hit that peak, so he’s rotating until someone does? Does he think the team’s ceiling is higher with Simmons (I think a lot of people feel this way) OR Simpson? Is each guy making the same mistakes that JB reams them for, in practice, and getting the hook for it?

There’s logical ways to look at the PG rotation, just wondering what factor(s) are going into JB’s decision to stick with it.


Does anybody remember the play(s) Brooks is criticized for at the end of the LSU game? Smart basketball minds like Dylan use that as a possible reason why Beilein doesn’t play him in winning time.


Missed a free throw, turned the ball over in the backcourt and missed a couple other shots. I’d have to look back. Then again, he started the next day so Beilein wasn’t too concerned. I just find it interesting that Simpson has closed basically every game since Brooks took over the starting PG role.


Real interesting