Illinois vs Michigan, Wednesday, December 11th, 8:00pm CT, BTN

Clearly, hope springs eternal. At least for those four or five anonymous internet souls.

The last one was right. Illinois hasn’t beaten anyone with a pulse. We have beaten 5 teams better than the best team they’ve beaten.

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But they did give Maryland all they could handle yesterday. No team can be overlooked


Bart Torvik’s numbers have another non-conference loss likely. And this game at Illinois as the 6th likeliest loss for a team the numbers right now predict to have about 7 losses in conference.

So, not out of the question for Michigan to drop two in a row here.

Tough matchup for UM especially if they keep playing the chase your guy defense on the pick and roll. The Illinois littles have nice inbetween games and their bigs are active and can finish in the paint.

Not sure how my comment got re-placed here. I was actually referencing an article last week about the upcoming game and the rather plaintive couple of comments it had to-then elicited. I agree that it may be a tough game, but I really like us tonight.

Michigan by 12. I don’t see how we can be favored until we beat someone not terrible.

Yup. Vegas is really giving their fans hope. Only one post mentioned any Michigan players by name and only a handful mentioned Michigan’s ranking or the teams Michigan has faced. Obviously the groupthink is that “if our team plays its game, we’ll be tough to beat” but Michigan is being looked at like Generic Basketball Team.