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Because @hailtoyourvictor said I could…


Sneaking around, waiting for the cool kids to show up…

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Maybe tonight the Jalen Coleman vs. Duncan Robinson debate gets reignited???

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Lower 2pt fg% against, while still not following. I’d still like to see us go for more steals; Dwalt and MAAR ‘could’ excel there. Except Mo, no fouls for Mo

If we can go into next week above .500 in BT play I’ll be content (all things considered). Let’s get one on the road, please.

Anyone think we might see DJ guarding Hill a decent amount? That leaves Zak guarding Black, when those 4 guys are on the court. Is DJ even a better matchup?

When I was doing my post on the Big Ten point guards I noticed Coleman’s stats and was very surprised at how poorly he is doing this year. 97.6 ORtg, 5.8 assist rate to 16.8 turnover rate, 38% on two pointers and 34% from deep. Let’s just say I did not expect Duncan Robinson to have double the assist rate of Coleman in their second years.

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Yeah I had completely forgot about Coleman before today and checked the stats just out of curiosity. Definitely not where I expected him to be either

No Jon Crispin as a commentator. THANK YOU SO MUCH BTN.

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I know we need to be better a defense, but it’s pretty uncanny how we ALWAYS never foul and never turn it over. knocks on wood

DJ is our leading scorer in conference?

Anyone else see JB pull in Walton for the hug??

DJ just ran the Mo action!!!

Mo is getting absolutely abused on defense here…

Looks afraid to foul. I’ll also be flabbergasted if Black is the guy that beats us…

In other Mo pet peeves, he badly needs to develop some post shots. Right now he has a good set of post moves but he can’t really shoot it with his back to the basket. A hook shot would do him wonders.

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He’s clearly less comfortable finishing with his left, and it looks like opposing teams have noticed

Screw these threes, man

Banked threes are never a good sign…

That three should spark up the luck discussion in the 3pt thread lol