Illinois at Michigan officially postponed, U-M expected to return at Wisconsin

I wonder what the minimum number of games played will be for consideration of a possible Big Ten title. Also, I hope they don’t have to force in all of these make-up games just to be out of gas come postseason play.

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Yeah I think best case scenario is getting to 18 games, making sure to get the ILL game in and selfishly a back to back with MSU would be nice too.

Would give the appearances of a good enough league schedule and not burn them out like all 20 games would.

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If we cram a lot of games in, we have to be prepared that Juwan is going to ride the bench very hard. He’s no dummy, he will keep his guys as fresh as possible for March. I am guessing more T-Will and Zeb, and Austin at the same minutes he’s been at. His rotation patterns might even cost us a regular season title (dramatic I know), but I don’t think gas is going to be a problem in the tourney.


Let’s just play Illinois on a back to back to back, instead of making the logical decision of of letting them practice a week ago and continuing to follow all the recommended guildelines of curbing the spread. Maybe this is all a moot point when Michigan wins the big ten. If they don’t win the big ten, it’s all on Warde.

17 games seems like a reasonable max at this point. And given the priority to play each team at least once I think we could easily scrap the missed games against PSU, Indiana and Northwestern.

That would mean fitting in Illinois and Sparty somewhere, which should be doable. Anything more than that seems needlessly risky.

I would think Indiana would be a priority over a makeup MSU game. To ensure UM plays everyone once.

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IU is already on the schedule once. The question is whether they reschedule the second game.

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Ah, my mistake. Then, it looks like Illinois is the priority.

If avoiding games on consecitive days is part of the plan there is only room for four of the five games. Feb. 16th, 22nd or 23rd, 24th or 25th, and March 1st or 2nd. So I’d guess which ever teams have those dates open would be a starting point. To play them all will require two games in two days and most likely doing that a couple times. So getting to 18 seems like it might work best, with getting in the Illnois game a priority.

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