Illinois at Michigan Discussion Thread

Figured we could start this one up a bit early with Illinois playing at Minnesota later tonight.

Pretty important to win these type of games to make sure that the MSU/Purdue match ups are just playing with house money. Leron Black vs our 4’s will be interesting to watch. Hopefully Wagner gets fixed for this game so we have him for the next two.

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So Illinois looks absolutely terrible early on at Minnesota. 2 points in 8 and a half minutes and down 17-2.

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Illinois looks like a mess. Not overly impressed with Minnesota either. They look very beatable.

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Another game where if we box out we should be fine…

Another game where we play average basketball we should be fine.

Imo, something way out of the norm has to happen for ya to lose. Iowa was a tougher game for us than this will be and we saw how we beat down Iowa.

But, I don’t expect us to shoot the ball that well two games in a row.

We should get plenty of open looks, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if we do.

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I actually think MAAR’s shot has improved to the point where it looks pretty when he shoots. I’m looking forward to another 3/8 night (from 3).

MAAR shooting off the catch: great.
MAAR shooting off the bounce: not great.


Calm, composed, impressive game from the freshmen today when they were called upon. Had they been flustered, we could have easily lost the game. Poole and Livers played almost 20 minutes each with no turnovers. I’d say Poole “hit singles” for an entire game for the first time.


Tough first ten minutes or so, but I thought the refereeing (all day) was terrible. All those early offensive fouls seemed pretty cheap.

After that, good to see both our runs in the game engineered mostly by the two freshmen. Also good to see Mo and Duncan get the ball in the hoop some. I though Teske played a really strong first half shift too, despite not scoring. Rahk was rock solid as always.


Hey those two second have threes were bombs!

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19-24 from the line today with Zavier going 3-6. That’s promising.


Livers and Poole were the story. Livers is so active on both ends and can shoot and finish at the rim. Poole does things in the offense that you barely even notice. He makes the pass that leads to the assist crisply and right on target. He cuts hard to open space for others. And of course there are the things that stand out. His ability to shoot off the dribble is really good, the best on the team. Liked that JB giving minutes to MAAR, Poole, Livers, Robinson, and Matthews in different combinations.

Nice to see Wagner getting back into the groove. Simpson has to be ready to shoot or drive a little quicker when he doesn’t have the ball. Take the victory and move on…