Ignas Brazdeikis, Zavier Simpson collect All-Big Ten honors



Man, Izzo got disrespected again.


Brazdeikis named Freshman of the Year.


That’s awesome. Langford seemed like the favorite a couple months ago


Reaves is DPOY.


A whole lot of stupidity, but typical.




No Teske or Matthews on All-Big Ten Defense team.

Updated post:


I don’t even know who Reaves is or who he plays for. I guess I’m not exactly dialed in. I don’t reckon I have my finger on the pulse of the conference. I do however recognize the Michigan players.


I can’t believe Nojel beat out Matthews for all-defense team. Teske vs. Fernando was going to be interesting and as usual people went with the flashy option. Nick Ward vs. Teske for 3rd team??


That’s just embarrassing to the voters


How Matthews is excluded is just completely laughable.

I guess Teske could be since he doesn’t have the name power, but he also became very good and improved the most, but of course that is ignored.


McQuaid over Matthews is a travesty.


Surprised CM didn’t get more respect.


Cumong. . . It’s like they punished Simpson for the two games against MSU. Hope he can make them regret it in the finals of the BTT.

Love Livers getting the Sportsmanship award, btw. . . really radiates niceness, that guy. That niceness will have a fine-honed razor-sharp edge in coming years.


Looks like Charles has something to play for in his hometown of Chicago. Hopefully he’s 100% full go. For him not to be selected by the coaches for ANYTHING is a travesty.


Reaves led the league in steals, so he must be DPOY. Palmer was 3rd in the league in scoring, so he’s got to be at least on the 3rd all BIG team. These people get to vote for these awards so they must know what they are talking about. Logic.


There are literally five centers better defensively than Fernando

(Teske, Happ, Haarms, Pardon, Tillman)


X not being D POY needs to be investigated especially when he’s a finalist for Natl D POY.


It’s people voting. What do you expect?