If you subscribed on Patreon, but can't access the Subscriber forum

Please post here after trying to change your email on the forum to match the email that you used to sign up for Patreon. (Click your icon in the top right and then select the settings wheel)

There was an issue with the job that was syncing things, but I think it should be corrected now.

Once you can access it you can navigate here: http://forum.umhoops.com/c/patreon-subscribers
and you’ll also have a Patreon icon over your icon.

I think there’s still an issue with it.

Seems to be working fine. It isn’t instant, runs every hour or something like that.

Indeed, all is well.

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Yes that is what seems to be going on. I only subscribed an hour or so ago, but still couldn’t see anything on your link. Now it all works fine after a little time.
Thanks Dylan…

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So maybe this is an iPad issue but I cant find a hot link to subscribe. What am I missing?

Seems to be some issue with the Patreon widget. Go to today’s article over there and you should be prompted to sign up:

Thank you. That worked.

Looks like the widget is fixed now as well on the main site.

Well, I’ve signed up according to the Patreon site but when I try to use that email address here it says that it’s already in use. What’s the solution for this?

Just sent you a PM.