If the rumored switch to Nike happens

Did anyone see Jay Harbaugh's hand written letter to Clark with the 8 reasons he should commit? One of the reasons he lists is because we have "the biggest Adidas contract in college sports". Cringed when I saw that...hope they aren't planning to extend their contract with Adidas.

Considering Clark chose an adidas school, maybe Clark prefers adidas and Jay was using that opportunistically.

well, now we can switch to Nike with no worries, lol.

Think the rumored switch may have some merit to it…at minimum it appears its under consideration

Was told that all UM athletes just took a survey regarding how apparel impacts their play, and which brand they would most like at Michigan.

— Ben Fidelman (@bfidelman) March 23, 2015

Would get more money with Adidas, fans like Nike more (though I assume we sell a sh1tton of apparel no matter what). Personally I have no preference for either brand - all overpriced IMO. But there will probably be more benefits in basketball recruiting going with Nike so I’d be on board with it.