Ibi Watson Transferring


Perhaps. I think he’d be best served to go down a level and show out, but that’s just me. (And given the current state of things, there could be bigger options for him 2 years down the road as a grad transfer.)


I fully expect Ibi Watson to end up at Indiana under Archie Miller who recruited him back at Dayton, where Ibi will play a nice role in Indiana’s 2019-2020 Big Ten Championship team


My first thought was Nebraska. Maybe even Illinois.


Does Butler have room? I think that would be an interesting fit.


Good athlete but mid major at best talent, wish him well wherever he lands. Does he have to sit no matter where he goes?


Quite a lot was being read into that take, which could have been something as the light catching his eyes in a odd way. Thankfully, Beilein does not seem like the paranoid type.


I definitely wouldn’t say mid major at best talent. I think he’d do fine on a lower half power conference team.


He will have to sit a year and then will have two more seasons of eligibility.


Not at all surprised by this. Writing has been on the wall for months.



Solid landing spot for him. Good program, lower level, home state


Very happy for him. Best of luck to Ibi going forward. Always a Wolverine.


Nothing like home cooking. Best of luck to him. I think he will do very well there.


I predict Ibi will have a very good career there.


Hmm - Archie Miller kind of left the cupboard bare at Dayton: his last Flyer team had 4 senior starters. Anthony Grant (former assistant to Billy Donovan at Florida and OKC, head coach at VCU and Alabama) had the worst Dayton team of the KenPom era (#172) last year. It was also the worst defense (#238) of any team he’s coached. On the plus side (?), he did bring in Giannis Antetokounmpo’s little brother.

I imagine Ibi’s athleticism will be very welcome on defense. I wish him the best of luck.


Giannis’ brother declared for the draft and is probably leaving. They are bringing in Dwayne Cohill in next year’s recruiting class.


Grant had some good VCU teams and while he was fighting an uphill battle at Bama, his teams never got over the hump there. A 14-17 record surely isn’t what he was hoping for in his first season at Dayton.


I really like the landing spot for Ibi. I think he can have success and made a great choice. Typically a multi-bid conference that produces some decent basketball. Grant gives his players alot of freedom (I’m not saying that is a positive) where Ibi could excel.


it really is a great spot for him to land. I’m not sure if their still run the same system/ style of play as Archie. If so , he’s perfect for the wing there. Unfortunately for him Archie left and he lost a few big players. If kostas stays ( he should), and Miller had too they could have had naz Carter , kostas, Ibi , and McKinley wright,cohilll. Wouod have been an insanely athletic roster. Scary fast break game.


It sounds like Kostas is leaving whether or not he gets any assurance he’ll be drafted.