I missed it unreal

Slept through the game I’m not sure how. I’m so bitter right now. I really wanted to watch that game. I felt like we matched up well. Sounds like Wagner had a good game. I’ve been saying right along I’d like him to be first big off the bench/ 15 minutes minimum. I am not sure why coach b won’t let him get out there more/ play through some mistakes. The trade off for letting him develop for a late year run versus mistakes now is worth it. He could have come into tourney playing really well. High energy and nice finisher/ moves around rim. Donnall Wilson and Wagner should be good enough to get by, he’ll if they develop they could even be a good trip to work. Glad to see he went big for a while. If like to see that for stretches. I actually thought we might really win even though Iowa was playing well. I like our players more. Ie Walton over gesell. Only utoff I thought had his counterpart. I thought donnall could even take Woodbury. At least a donnall Wagner combo.

Rotation in order of minutes I’d like to see

Really go with hot big man. Donnall in 25 minute range most night.