I know this is a bit off topic


But the Erick Swenson situation reminds me of Amaker’s tenure at Mich Offering guys like Jerret Smith and Ron Coleman so early in there sophomore year of High School was his down fall. He had to honor the ship but it was clrear those guys weren’t B1G caliber.


Wonder if Swenson isnt B1G caliber or he isnt Michigan 2016 caliber? Overall seems like an odd situation that we wont ever get the entire story behind… Recruiting and projecting college readiness is such a fickle beast. Regardless of sport, if you wait until the end of high school it is more clear the readiness of the athlete, but likely have missed the boat on the recruit (like many lament about with regards to Coach B); if you jump on the recruits and offer early the players may turn out similarly to the ones you mentioned. It really is difficult. All that said, I am really hoping we land Gary and trust that Harbaugh knows what he is doing…


It’s a shame, because I’ve heavily criticized other coaches for doing exactly the same thing that Harbaugh did. I know we don’t know the entire story, but still…