Howard adjusts to recruiting

“I’ve adapted to the new generation of texting. I also had to get out of my comfort zone and be more of a communicator and talk,” he told reporters. “How I grew up, early on, when I was dating a girl, you had to go on the phone and talk to her and you had to sell yourself. Sometimes when you call her, her parents may answer the phone and you have to be respectful and introduce yourself to the parents. When you’re on the phone with the girl and you start dating her, you’d be on the phone for 40 minutes to an hour, you’d be like you hang up, no, you hang up. Now I have to get back into that. Communicating, talking on the phone. There’s guys today at this age group that don’t want to talk on the phone, that prefer texting. Some hold a good conversation. That’s a part of recruiting that’s been the challenging part of it. The other part of recruiting that’s been challenging is there are a lot of different layers. You have to talk to the head coach of the AAU team, you have to talk to the handlers, you have to talk, possibly, to a sibling. Keep in mind, I didn’t mention the high school coach first. Talk to the parents, the high school coach kind of comes in last. When I was in school, the high school coach played a major role in recruiting. It’s gotten away from the high school coach, it’s more about the AAU coaches now.”


LOL. I find the analogy funny because one of the bonus features on the Fab Five DVD is about how Juwan was the smoothest of the Fab Five with the ladies. I guess we can expect good things from Juwan as a recruiter :joy: