How To Watch Spain Games?

Is there any way to watch the team play in their overseas matches? I’d wake up at 4 in the morning to see this squad hoop

I don’t think there is a way. IIRC, four years ago Dylan attended the games in person, took video and posted it on the site. And that was our only way to watch the games. He won’t be there this year though.

I actually wasn’t in Italy, but I’m glad our coverage was enough to make you think I was :slight_smile: We’ll do our best this year again, but obviously it is difficult. It wasn’t in our budget to be able to go this year, especially considering the travel required for the NCAA Tournament run. We’ll bring as much coverage as we can this time around.

As far as I know, Michigan does not plan on streaming anything.

Is the OSU Spain trip underway now have any similar opponents to us?

The teams OSU are playing look more similar to the teams that Michigan played in Italy. Makeshift “all star teams”. Michigan is playing Mega Bemax who will play Kentucky in Bahamas coming up and also I believe a Spanish pro team. Should be better comp than what I’ve seen mentioned for OSU but maybe I missed something there.

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Thanks for the reply. I really hope UM uploads some long form replays and not just 90 second highlights :crossed_fingers::pray:

I would guess there’s no chance of that. :frowning:

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I found the association that is hosting the game. Michigan plays on 8/23 v Mega Bemax and 8/25 vs Divina Seguros Joventut (15/18 in Spanish League last year). Anybody read Catalan?


This year they will be real match! Michigan is the best NCAA we have ever had, Celje Slovenia and Mega Bemax Serbia play in the first division of their countries, and we will have 1 ACB (Penya) or maybe 2 (Manresa) playing against these teams!


-Thursday 16th August - 7pm - Penn State University - Celje (Slovenia)

-Saturday 18th August - 7pm - Delaware University - Celje (Slovenia)

-Mayay 20th August - 7pm - George Washington University - Celje (Slovenia)

-Tuesday 21st August - 7pm - George Washington University - Celje (Slovenia)


-Thursday 9th August - 7pm - Ohio State University - Sant Julià All Stars

-Thursday August 23 - 7pm - Michigan University - Mega Bemax (Serbia)

(Friday, August 24 - 7pm TO BE CONFIRMED - BAXI Manresa - Mega Bemax (Serbia)

-Saturday, August 25 - 7pm Divina Seguros Joventut - Michigan University

Do not miss them!

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Joventut has a player we’re all familiar with, apparently.

That’s right, Dakota Mathias!


I emailed the organizers:
The game Michigan - Joventut Badalona (Aug 25th) is expected to be given by the Spanish “Esport3” Chanel, live.


I found a streaming link for Esport3. You just have to click through a few popups. Thank you @bebopson for finding the channel. Continuing to keep my fingers crossed that it will work!


We know JB is going to have to watch on stream. If only we could tap into his resource :smiley:

Just ran it by Wywrot and he said “doubtful.”

I’m thinking of paying a local kid to surreptitiously tape the games and send them to me.

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I’m not sure what the geo-blocking situation with that site is. Some stuff comes through but other stuff gets blocked outside Spain. Best bet is to get a VPN located in Spain.

We should crowdfund this idea. Is there a spanish craiglist or something?


Try using the Hola Chrome Extention. I was tuned into Esport3 for some Spanish karate programming earlier it and seemed to work fine!

Didn’t work for me. Tried switching between browsing from Spain and USA, didn’t work either way.

They may have turned off the geo-blocking for that program, who knows. If they have a sophisticated geo-blocking system it will block ip ranges from known VPN providers. I’m setting up a VPS in Madrid tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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