How tall is Wagner?

It seems like he towers over everyone in the huddle. Especially Doyle and Donnell. I also wonder if he is done growing since he still looks like a baby and is 18.

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Listed at 6’ 10", but he does look like he might be taller than that now. Look at this picture of him standing next to DJ Wilson, also listed at 6’ 10". It’s always hard to judge relative height in game photos because of posture and perspective, but he certainly looks taller than Wilson in that picture.

No matter his height it’s clear he should have been playing all year. I don’t care what mental errors he was making.hes easily one of our best players and makes us a much better team/ dangerous squad. His potential is why I believe we will be in the 25 or 26 win range next year. I think he can be a good big man. Add some consistency out of Walton and Irvin with maar who’s a beast and were good. Especially with Robinson showing life again plus Kama development. I think we’re dangerous next year

Wilsons hair alone is like 3 inches lol.

So, you are okay with Wagner playing poor defense, but not when Dawkin’s or Robinson do?

I once read, earlier in the year, that Mo had grown to 6’10 1/2". Since he is still 18 and now on a good diet, he could still be growing.

I think there should be much more slack given to a first year center (Wager) who has mental lapses on defense over a second year wing (Aubrey)who is having mental lapses on defense. The defensive responsibilities are more intense and complicated for the center position, I think.