How one after-timeout play showcases Juwan Howard's coaching chops


Love this type of content. Keep it coming! It’s incredibly encouraging to see Juwan’s Xs and Os ability on display. Can’t wait to see what he can do with guys like Isaiah Todd.


Yeah this is great stuff! Love watching basketball but don’t have an eye for the Xs and Os so this really helps. Keep it up


Pausing the video at key points to highlight stuff works well to make it easier to digest.

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I totally agree with all 3 comments. The arrows, pausing, and text comments are really useful when watching without volume. Please sir, more!


I agree - great content. I love the 5 Key Plays segment! Outstanding.

No audio needed (unless you like the beats)! Appreciate the feedback.

I like the beats, increases sense of drama and mystery!

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Something I noticed on the Simpson turnover on the cross-court pass (approximately 45 seconds into the clip)…was this essentially the same empty corner design, but X just tried an ill advised pass? Almost seems like that play could have resulted in a Teske dunk too! Great design, great post!

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I agree; it looks like ALL 4 plays are empty corner ball screens, with turnovers on two of them (what was Teske doing with that pass?). This is great content. Please keep it coming.