How confident are you in a win tomorrow? 1-10

Curious as to how people are feeling. I’m at about a 7 right now. I probably started at about a 5 (toss up). Michigans offensive improvement has given me +1, michigans perimeter defense -1, revenge for last year +1, smu’s results so far this season +1, michigans plane fogged in -1, Walton probably not playing -1, caris will be the best player on the floor +1, Michigan fans are due for something good to happen +1. How about you?

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A 5. I think SMU is for real, but I like how the offense has been clicking.

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That’s a bummer if Walton can’t play. Losing Walton by itself wouldn’t be a big deal but when you combine that with a less than effective Albrecht, now that’s a huge hurdle to overcome. Beilein is absolutely cursed these past 2 years with injuries.

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2 or 3. SMU is at worst about our quality. It’s a road game. Walton’s out. This is very much a game we should lose with how we’re currently playing.

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I have to go 7. Watching smu a few games and then looking at their schedule, Michigan has played much better teams(which is sad) and with the way Dawkins has picked it up, I like our chances a bit. Definitely will need Doyle to be pretty productive and rebound well but he has been improving as well.

Their best wins are @tcu and @Stanford. If you know college basketball then you know both of those teams are pretty bad. It will not be easy but Michigan can definitely win this game.

Did I miss Walton being ruled out or something?

He couldn’t go in practice yesterday, I believe. So no but yes

So how much credit will you give this team if they pull off the upset?

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A lot. If we win this, I’ll be very happy with how the non-con went and it’ll elevate my opinion of the team.


I would say around a 4… Don’t like Walton being out and don’t love the matchup (SMU size and offensive rebounding).

This team, to its credit, has shown some tenacity. Still, if we come out bombing/missing threes and make nothing happen underneath I fear it could be a long night. Three or 4, eager to be surprised.

Well, it seems we will never “like” our size, defense, or rebounding but we still need to win the big games if we want to make the tournament and have a successful season. This is a huge game and I am optimistic that some of the guys will step up. So I will say “6”.

I’m a 3. Tough matchup, on the road and likely no Walton. Hope I’m wrong as this could be huge for tourney sake.

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Yep, this game could raise us up a seed line come tourney time.

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Would this be Beilein’s biggest non conference road win?

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Added a poll to the original post. Get your votes in, curious of the results.

Pretty sure that there are only three right?

Clemson 2010-11 (22nd in KenPom) and Bradley 2012-13 (161st KenPom) and NC State 2015-16 (72nd KenPom).

I think so, I couldn’t recall how good Clemson was at the time.

Yeah, they lost quite a few games before making the second round of the tourney. That win was huge for U-M though because they had lost both games in Atlantic City I believe.