How Cole Bajema rose from unknown to Michigan commit



Really nice article with some great nuggets in there, Ethan. UMHoops really got all the inside info throughout Bajema’s recruitment!


Thanks @gobluemd16! And yes @ethansears definitely did a great job with this one.


Sounds like a good kid and a great fit for Michigan.


Great work. This site has definitely been at the forefront on Bajema’s recruitment from the get go. From the initial story on Cole, to all the great videos and now this article with his whole backstory, it’s been fun to follow his rise and commitment to Michigan.


Great article! Funny of the mention and pics of Lil John too, I know that diner!


Thanks for the inside scoop, what a great story. Little details like the smoothie spill leading to the chat with Blackwell, who btw played for Illinois in the mid-late 80’s. Great stuff!


Hey he’s originally from my birth place Grand Haven,Mi and that of Austin Hatch’s wife Abby. He must be good haha.


Really enjoyed Ethan’s story and the attention to detail. In fact, this site has done an amazing job covering Bajema, Wilson and Carton this summer.


Thanks @MTung, we’ve been working hard this month. Hope the results have been good. As always, if you guys have feedback for more things you’d want to see as a subscriber, etc. don’t hesitate to PM me on here. Goes for subscribers and non-subscribers).


I hope JB keeps showing interest in Anthony for the spring. You never know for sure what a 5 star will do. That would be icing on the cake for sure.