While Jon is entitled to make whatever decision he thinks is in his best interests I have to say I am pretty disappointed in the rumblings coming from his sister and trainer which seem to imply Horford was dealt with unfairly in his time at Michigan.

I don’t see how any objective observer could say that Jon didn’t get the exact amount of playing time his play deserved. He is sadly mistaken if thinks that he will get more playing time next year at a program of equal stature or that he is going to play in the NBA some point.

This is disappointing not just because he could have been a valuable veteran presence here ala Morgan, but also because it seems like he is just another victim of handlers’ whispers and/or over inflated ego.

I think we need to retire the zen/philosopher meme.

I remember years ago when Jud Heathcote was asked how many pro prospects he had on his roster? His response was " in my mind 1, in the kids minds 12." As you have so deftly identified, Jon believes he wasn’t used correctly, and it has hurt his NBA aspirations. Don’t laugh, they ALL think they can play in the pros! He took the high road, but believe me he thinks he was misused and his circle has reinforced that. Wish him all the best, sincerely.

Regardless of the heresay, there are other plausible reasons for him to be transfering…one of which could be he wants to see another part of this country, and doing so on someone elses dime is pretty intelligent. He could go to California or where ever playing the game he loves. Another possibility is he wants to continue to bolster his resume. He could easily transfer to a school with a great academic repuation: UVA, UCLA, Cal, Stanford, Vanderbilt, etc.

nevermind…my bad