Honoring the careers of Simpson and Teske

This is just one of those situations that is inescapably sad. All those seniors out there will never get a swan song. It was the right call by the NCAA, still just a sad situation.

To that end, let’s try to pay tribute to the careers of our boys. Favorite memories, plays, and moments welcome below. Once a Wolverine, always a Wolverine.

Best of luck to these two fine gentlemen. We may have never gotten that 'ship, but a UM degree isn’t a bad consolation prize–and can never be taken away…


Honestly, the mean mug by Simpson during the Purdue big ten champ game in 2018. I think it was following the and one dunk by Teske. Perfectly encapsulated the vibe of Simpson lol


For my money this sequence is the best of X’s career at Michigan: https://youtu.be/YGLof5zTKUA?t=688

In a 2 pt road game with the Big Ten title on the line he goes: ball screen assist for Iggy 3, sky hook as the shot clock expires, assist to Iggy for a driving lay in, ball screen assist to a popping Teske, driving lay up off a ball screen, assist to Iggy on a back cut, then ices the game ripping away a rebound from Bruno Fernando.

For bonus points, he misses the front end of a 1 and 1 in there as well. It was everything that made him unique as a player in a 4 minute stretch of basketball.


Yeah, that was the #Mood game. Absolutely awesome. Great call man. That finish by Jon was a thing of beauty too. Similar to the alley oop he got from Brooks earlier this season. Good times.

There was a game last year too, forget the opponent, but Big Jon went off from 3 and it was kind of his coming out party from behind the arc. Think he had trouble adjusting to the new line this year, but Jon was a legit deep threat at times last year.


Simpson’s triple double against OSU last year was epic. Only sixth player in program history to record one. The crowd chanting his name. The basketball team held OSU to fewer points than the football team…it was a great moment to be a part of.

Teske’s best moment has to be the game be had in the B1G conference tourney as a sophomore. He just shredded Purdue.


His block on Kaleb Wesson was awesome in that one!


Ankle breaking killer cross over into banked skyhook. Classic!

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Ugh. We were so talented in every way in their junior year. Still feels so unfortunate that we came so close multiple times with no avail.

I make myself feel better by knowing that they probably shouldn’t have made it that far in their sophomore year, but luck combined with getting hot at the right time made it possible.

@kellen.hayes We never won it all, but I think 3 banners (where they played a big role in 2 of them), definitely isn’t a “consolation prize.” I think it’s what we’d expect from two players of their calibre!

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Here’s X’s farewell Instagram post :’(

Interesting to see that he referred to himself as both Xavier Simpson and Zavier Simpson. It’s like he can’t make up his mind either LOL