Highlights: Michigan vs. KK Mega Bemax

That looked like a really physical game on the part of KK MB. Refs were definitely letting them play.

Just updated this with an extended highlight video (full game) that should be over 4 minutes long. Not every made basket, but close to it.

On the highlights Davis was impressive in all three games.


I could not agree more. It will be interesting moving forward if that continues. In these 3 game I would even say the team was better when Davis was on the floor.

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I would say Davis was our best five man. And, frankly, I don’t think it was very close. I really don’t think he will remain our best player at the five position, but he was very active and involved particularly offensively but also on the defensive end. I DO think JT will continue to evolve and be a relatively solid five man, and remain the starter, but I also think Davis is proving himself to be a capable backup. That is encouraging.

Yeah, Davis’ play for me was the most impressive in Spain. Not to say others didn’t play better, but his play surprised me. He looks surprisingly agile and that touch around the rim remains. The Austin Davis project may start paying dividends this year.


I also thought Davis out played Teske, but I wouldn’t make too much out of that for now. Austin is quicker and moves better. It looks to me like he is finally getting accustomed to his new slimmed down body. Good news for Michigan fans.

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