Highlights: Franz Wagner at FIBA U18 European Championships

Russia knocked Germany out of the bracket play. FIBA tournaments have classification games all the way through though so everyone plays all of the games. Germany will play Saturday and Sunday to wrap things up.

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I don’t follow the NBA but a quick glance at Draymond’s bbref page doesn’t show that he fouls particularly often so I don’t really follow the example. Draymond is one of the best defenders in the NBA.

Fouls are bad. For anyone. There’s not really any positive benefit to fouling, especially picking up stupid fouls. Fouls decrease your playing time (you only get 5) and make it more likely that the opponents gets free/cheap points (via your direct foul, eventually being in the bonus, etc.). Not fouling is a skill and it is one that takes development and experience (especially adapting to how college officials operate).

That will probably be an adjustment that Franz has to make.

I just assume that defensive specialists are likely to take more risks and therefore court fouling out more than other players, that a coach would be less frustrated with a foul by Gary Payton than a three-point specialist on the same squad. That may not be the case, though. It is, after all, why they are defensive specialists.

I see that Dennis Rodman averaged 3.1 or so fouls a game throughout his career, but wouldn’t have a clue how to analyze a comparison between his averages and those of other players.

I’d venture to say that the way Rodman or Draymond got into players’ heads and threw them off for entire games or series might have been worth the foul shots, too. (But I have learned something, because I didn’t know that technicals, which both players tended to draw, don’t count toward your foul total in the NBA.)

Germany led Serbia throughout most of today’s game but let it slip away at the end. Franz got a technical for arguing with the ref in the 4th quarter after he thought he got pushed out of bounds on a rebound

Franz finished with 13 points on 6-of-13 (0-5 3pt) shooting with 5 boards and 3 assists in 26 minutes.


Getting a T for arguing with the ref. Another trait from Moe. Your right Dylan. Franz will have to tone it down during the season or it will be like Moe’s first season with the silly/T fouls.

13 pts, 4 reb, 4 assists in a win over Montenegro this morning. Germany finishes 11th. Will have some video, wrap up thoughts on Franz coming up.

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Encouraging that he was 6-8 inside the arc (against what I assume to be a solid Serbian team). I figure the threes will fall for him, it’s the 2-pt game I’m curious about.

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My takeaway on Wagner is that while we might want to slow the brakes on any idea of him as immediate star, he’s a little more creative and aggressive than was immediately apparent, especially with a tiny amount of daylight on the drive. Could augur well for his sticking around for a few years, and really integrating with the offense. If I had a criticism last year it was that Beilein was forced to lean on Iggy a little too much.

Has Franz arrived on Michigan campus yet?

Don’t think he can come til closer to class starting? Either way I heard around Labor Day is his expected arrival