Health of the team (Irvin)

I have read some reports on the pay sites that Irvin is being held out of some sessions due to a lingering health issue. Does anyone know anything about this? If posted before, sorry. I’ve been mostly in football mode. Thanks.

I see tons of views and no comments. I guess people have zero idea about this, I’m a moron and should know about this, or people are hesitant to post injury info. I’ll hope for the first option.

I’ve not heard anything. So if there is something, you and I both are morons.

I’ve check this a few times but haven’t heard anything so kept my mouth shut. I guess I’ll be the 3rd moron. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a post on scout… Paid for info.

There’s zero info on the scout board other than cryptic info to make you go nuts so that is why I asked here.

Hinted at this a few weeks back on here… Don’t have any recent info, but know that he was limited for a while due to an injury this offseason.

Here you go. Irvin out 6-8 weeks.

Heard Irvin hurt his back earlier this summer back home and that it was a scare but wasn’t sure of the details. After Mitch McGary, I’m guessing U-M opted on the side of caution to try to fix things sooner than later rather than letting him rest and play through it.

The timing of it (where the recovery lines up with the start of the season) makes me think that it was a wait and see approach until the time to pull the trigger.

Man, what a crazy day. Hopefully this is not the type of back injury that lingers, like McGary’s.

Good to get it fixed now and be ready for the season.

72 days before we play Xavier. A 2 week cushion if the full allotted 8 weeks of recovery are needed.

I’m ok with letting him rest up early on so he can be ready for the end of the season. Get well soon Zak, we’ll need you.

Dang. Wonder how this will impact his carry over from LY.