Heading into the Bahamas, Michigan is where it wants to be

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Just to add to the section on X, Coach Howard also said in the postgame interview in the locker room last night, and he said he knew this was high praise and, perhaps, a bit unfair to the kid to “put this pressure on him,” but he said, “X is my Tom Brady.” Pretty high praise indeed. He was amazing last night. As you said, totally in control. Most everyone played well, but it was certainly the X and Isaiah show!


Silverblue did you run into Josh Christopher while you were there?

What sandwich did the reporter choose, and what was Howard’s opinion about it?

I did see him having fun with the Maize Ragers, but I didn’t have the courage to go down there and join the fun! Then, too, as an upper bowl occupant, and even though I made friends with a couple of ushers, I wasn’t sure if it would have been allowed down there anyway! I will say this, though, as the folks sitting around me can attest, I certainly have the energy displayed by those young guys and gals in the Maize Raige! :wink: And, yes, I did tell my fellow section 226 rows 26, 27, and 28 fan mates to just tell me to settle down if I got too rowdy, with an apology ahead of time.


That was great😀

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Looks like we will have quite the entertaining PG matchup this upcoming Wednesday. Pretty cool to see the top two assist guys squaring off.


Halliburton stock is up. Must be a war about to start


Will X be up to the challenge? Ha,do we need to ask THE PIT BULL? I wouldn’t want to be the one to ask him.


Big-ass game on wednesday afternoon

Looking a couple Atlantis teams that aren’t Gonzaga and UNC…
Iowa State lost to the only actual competitive team they’ve played, a road loss to a decent Oregon State team.

Alabama is looking rough early on. Lost to Penn at home (who is solid), also crushed by a solid Rhode Island team on the road. Down to 79 in Kenpom and 49 on Torvik. So if we were to lose to ISU and play them, they’d be pretty desperate for a win.

Then in the 3rd or 5th place game we’d be up against Seton Hall or Oregon. Both look about as advertised, and would be tough games.

The swing game will likely be in the 5th/3rd place game. I’d like to assume we won’t lose to Bama AND ISU, and think beating UNC will be tough, so the difference between 2-1 and 1-2 will be a potential Oregon/Seton Hall game


It’s really interesting that the outside general perception is that Michigan is down this year (eg.- ESPN’s power rankings came out and said exactly that this morning). I think most of us feel differently, so I can’t wait to see how Atlantis and Louisville play out. I feel like we’re going to surprise a lot of people over the next week and a bit, but maybe that’s just homer optimism clouding my judgement.

Hopefully they can get through this next stretch 4-3. And maybe after the tomato can games, closing out the non-con at 8-2.