Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

Was great to have everyone back on the site last night to kick off this season. Hope you guys all have a great day and I’m certainly thankful for this community, all of your support and the fact that it looks like we are going to have a season!

And welcome to everyone who has signed up recently! Hopeful that we can continue to grow this place.


Dylan - thank you for everything you do with UM Hoops. It is such a fun community to be a part of. Looking forward to a great season!

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Easily the best Michigan sports related website online, in terms of content and community.

Thanks for all you do Dylan and happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone else!

Happy Thanksgiving guys! Looking forward to another great season!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I’m thankful for this site with its rich content and differing points of view represented in the comments. It looks to be a fun year coming up with a team that is both exciting to watch and with enough flaws to keep the discussion interesting.


Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful that the season is here and we can stop talking about predictions for minute distributions and just watch it play out.

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Happy thanksgiving everyone! Thankful to have such a great place to talk hoops.

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I too want to give thanks for all my blessings and wish all of you a happy and blessed Thanks giving. It is going be a fun hoops season even in 2020 and hoping the covid vaccine gets here sooner than later so we all can start returning to normal.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all! From the excellent content to the great posters, thankful for the site!

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Happy Thanksgiving Dylan and thanks for your site. It’s the best.

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Happy thanksgiving from the USVI