Anything RCMB signs off on…I’ll take the oppostive view.

You’ve lost some credibility comparing GR3 and Brandon Dawson as offensive players

Let me get straight - you initially claimed it was debatable as to which player was a better defender, then flip flopped, and then proceeded to cite RCMB as support all in one thread - and I’m the one that lost credibility…yeaaaah, ok

I didn’t flip flop. I still think it’s debatable but even if I sided with you, Glenn is such a better offensive player that it’s a silly comparison.

I’ll chime in on this. Dawson is a better defender, perhaps even significantly. With that said, much of his “great defense” comes from the physical style of play MSU favors, not anything inherent about Dawson himself. He’s strong, and a great athlete, but Robinson has those qualities too.

As far as rebounding, Dawson averages 6.0 per game over his career, Glenn averages 5.0. Slight edge to Dawson.

Offensively, Dawson has a ton of limitations. First, he has no outside shot. He’s 0-7 in his career on three point attempts. Glenn, though he still needs significant improvement, has shot it at 29.8% for his career, so he’s a capable three point option, though with that shooting percentage not necessarily a desirable one given our other deep threats. Glenn also has the ability to come off screens and knock down the 15-17 footer. We ran that play for him a few times in the road game at Wisconsin, and a few times since. Dawson does not have that shot either.

Over their careers, Dawson has averaged 9.0 per game in three seasons (8.4, 8.9, and 10.2) for an offensively challenged team that certainly could use more scoring from him, while Robinson has scored 11.7 a game (12.9 this year) in two years with lots of offensive firepower around him. At some point, probably next year, I anticipate and expect he’ll score a good 15 a game if not more. He needs to continue to work on getting to the rim, and improving his outside shot. Once he does those things, I think his future in the NBA will be evident and he’ll be a first round pick. Dawson, at this point, really does not seem to have an NBA future, as he’s 6-6 and cannot shoot.

Finally, Glenn is a much better player in transition, as he can handle the ball from time-to-time in addition to finishing on the break. That play he had last year against VCU, where he led the break and then spun in midair and fired a pass to Trey in the right corner for an open three - no chance Dawson can do that.

I will say this, though - Dawson is every bit the athlete Robinson is, and perhaps even a little better. And I’d rank those guys 1-2 in the Big Ten in terms of athleticism, with Sam Thompson and Payne getting some mention too.

Finally, with Glenn, I don’t believe he has an “entitlement” mentality, or that he’s lazy. By all accounts, he’s a great kid. I think he’s just a little tentative and unsure of himself at times, and that is why he doesn’t play with the reckless abandon we’d all like to see. That’s what the staff needs to get out of him for the rest of his career.

I won’t address much, except to say that THJr shot 28% his sophomore year. GRIII’s J is pretty is pretty smooth and he’s shown in the past he can make a decent %. Whether it’s in the NBA or at Michigan, I think GRIII will prove to be a better shooter than he has so far this year.

I agree with that, UMHoopsFan. With that said, three points: (1) in 2011-2012, Tim was the focal point of the other team’s wing defenders and often took shots with a guy right in his face; (2) Tim was playing with Trey for the first time, and Trey (as a freshman) was not as adept at getting Tim great looks as Darius was the year before; and (3) Glenn has missed a LOT of wide open looks this year from three. The other team is focused on shutting down Nik and Caris from three. Glenn is getting great looks, he’s just not making them.

Again, though, I agree - he will prove to be a better shooter from three than his current 28%. But it may take a full offseason of hard work to do it.