GRIII Turned the corner?

Something Dylan noted in the Nebraska game recap is how vocal GRIII was in this game.

I noticed the exact same thing, and he simply seemed to approach the game with a whole new mindset. Ever since Mitch has been out, I feel GRIII, along with Nik, are embracing their roles as the go-to players.

One play that I found extremely encouraging last night was after a mistake offensively by GRIII, he immediately came down on defense and started clapping towards the team encouraging them to get a stop. I think it’s fair to say that, although a small part of the game, these are leadership qualities we haven’t previously seen early in the year, but are absolutely crucial to this teams success without McGary.

The talent has always been there for GRIII. He has amazing athleticism and has absolutely perfected his mid-range game… If he can combine his talent with what I seem to see as leadership and determination, he becomes that much more valuable to this team. I am cautiously optimistic that he has turned the corner in that area.

Well, we’ll find out starting next Saturday. Michigan has three very tough games in the course of a week, so we’ll find out if Robinson has elevated his game to the point where he can make an impact against top level competition.