GRIII looking good for Pacers

As you may know, Larry Bird likes GRIII a lot, and signed him to a 3 year contract with the Pacers. In three pre-season games to date, he’s averaged around 14ppg, 5 rebounds. He’s 5-8 on threes. He’s considered a good defensive player, as well. Looks very promising.

I’ve been thinking about GR3’s early success with the Pacers as well. Here’s a question–who has the better season with their new club: GR3 or Sauce Castillo? For the first time, they both look like they will have a lot of opportunities to get minutes. Hopefully Nik will heal quickly from his stress fracture and get some preseason work in.

Watched him against the Pistons in their preseason opener. Looked lively to me. Still a bit skeptical that he will be a consistent contributor, but then again, Indiana isn’t exactly a powerhouse so maybe the opportunity is there.