Greg Gard and the Wisconsin Badgers

Greg Gard has just received a 5 year extension. The Badgers seem to be in good hands IMO and the way he turned them around is incredible. It should be interesting to see how he is as a recruiter but his coaching seems to be very good.

Much deserved. Did a tremendous job.

Anyone have any insight on Hayes and staying or leaning toward the NBA??

I’m guessing he stays - most mock drafts have him in the 2nd round.
Only saw 1 with him at the end of the 1st round and not very reputable.

He is a heck of a recruiter. He’s been in Wisconsin since the Platteville days and has great relationships there. Also, has great relationships with coaches in MN and brought Kamron Taylor, Jon Leuer, Jordan Taylor, and Mike Bruesewitz to Madison. Also has the joys of being THE D1 team in the state (I know Marquette is but not to the level that UW is). Almost all kids from Wisconsin want to go there from the time they were born.

I’ll be interested to see how he does post “Hayes” days. Seems like Wisconsin has always had some NBA talent lurking on the roster (Harris, Landry, Tucker, Leuer, Kaminsky, Dekker, Hayes) but after Hayes, I’m not seeing it. Nice players in Happ, Iverson, Koenig, etc though.

Is there any doubt a guy like Pritzl who was highly touted will develop into a serviceable player at Wisconsin? If they keep Hayes they might be the favorite to win the B1G, not losing a single player.

Uh, yes there’s doubt. Have you seen him in a college game yet?

He was a top 75 recruit on a team that won 12 B1G games. Let’s just say his presence wasn’t exactly urgent the team was pretty good to begin with.

Mark Donnal was a top-100 recruit on a team that won 15 B1G games.

A large portion of our fan base does not think that Donnal is serviceable.

Nobody was criticizing Donnal after 2014 that’s my point.

Hayes is the perfect 4 for us IMO. Shoots well to stretch the floor, strong enough to finish inside. And can guard different types of opposing 4s. I’m surprised we didn’t recruit him hard with him being right in Toledo.

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Hayes was a jerk in HS. He didn’t play hard and was lazy. Hayes and Marc Loving (Mr. basketball and signed with OSU) were in the same league, grade and played head to head multiple times. Anyone with a basketball IQ saw that Hayes was the better player and had the highest ceiling… yet the question always was his attitude, character, behavior, etc…

What astounds me is how much Hayes has matured and has really become a fine young man. The people around Wisconsin love him.

I agree with Albrecht above, if Hayes stays I would have to put my money on Wisconsin or MSU for the title next year.