Great work Dylan

This site has done some great work lately breaking down Mitch’s game and evaluations of prospects. More video here than anywhere. Timely interviews. I love and frequent a pay site, as well, but for pure focus on hoops, no one does it better.

Appreciate the kind words. Plenty of other people do good work as well, we’re just trying to put out our best product. Crazy that the season is already around the corner.

Crazy that the season is already around the corner.

Well, the offseason seems shorter when your season technically goes into April.

Yes appreciate the site. New Michigan fan due to being a Beilein fan, but falling in love with everything Michigan.
The nice thing about waiting on some of these 2014 guys is that we won’t have to wait that long to see them at Michigan.

Coach Beilein will get the best out of whoever commits to Michigan. Again, thanks again for the site and the info, Go Blue!

Do Dylan and Joe get any recognition from the UM staff? This site does such a good job at promoting UM basketball, I often wonder if they get a pat on the back from anyone involved in the program.