Good read on Stu and Courtney Douglass


Also, it give you a little better understanding of what Mo Wagner went through this past season. It is quite an adjustment.

Man I really wish that we can find another Stu. DOUGLASS or even Zack Novak. Their toughness was almost unmatchable. Imagine if our entire team played with that toughness. Thats why I like the kid from Ohio that we offered for ‘17’ reminds of these guys with more skills.

I didn’t love stu as much as u guys. Loved Novak though

Stu was one of my favorites. It’s good to read that he’s still playing and that his wife has been able to stay involved in the game.

How high level is the league he’s in? I remember he had a strong frosh year where he shot well and then I thought he struggled shooting after that
If I remember correctly.

Whatever happened to Deshawn Simms? He was one of my favorites. I always thought he had potential to play in the nba. He was great. What killed mewas I always wanted him to take a bigger te and be more assertive and demand the ball. Positive things always happened when we ran through him.

I just checked out his Wikipedia page and Sims has been all over the place: D-League, Greece, Puerto Rico, Korea, Lebanon, and Israel (current).

Stu has a permanent place in my heart for that dagger he hit in Breslin.