Go Big Red! Time to get this monkey off our back

Can’t wait for the Michigan Nebraska game Saturday at the Pinnacle Bank Arena!

While Nebraska is 3-2 against MSU we are 0-5 against UM since joining the B1G. UM is the only team we haven’t beaten.

2 years ago Nebraska went 15-1 at home on our way to the NCAA tourney. Guess who the 1 was?

Needless to say I think we owe Michigan and hope I can drum up a little interest for this game on here and my home board (huskerhooopscentral, my username is PimpMario)!

I was really sad in football when we lost Michigan as a division foe. I loved seeing those iconic uniforms on the field every year.

Go Big Red!


Looking forward to a fast pace, high energy game from both teams. Expecting 10+ lead changes in this one.

It’s great to have posters from other fandoms visit the board and check in! Great win for you guys against MSU and looking forward to a good matchup!

Remember that game fondly. Walton hit that layup late and Pettaway missed a tough but pretty good look. Miles seems like a fun guy building a solid program out there, and good luck with all your games after Saturday (unless the teams meet again in the B1G tourney).

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Thanks for stopping by @TimSmiles. Here’s our game preview for tomorrow.

If we could recruit better there wouldn’t be any lead changes.

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I hope MAAR has a good game. I’ve noticed that he’s only been an aggressive scorer this year when everyone else is having an off game. I think he needs to get in the mindset of being a #3 scorer type guy, at least until LeVert is back.

Yea it’s odd that maar only steps up when everyone else is off. If we could get him active all the time our offense would be multi fAceted

Good game guys. Sorry we couldn’t put up more of a fight against ya. Our shooters were cold.

Luckily it took Beilein waited until the second half to burn us with the bigs on the big and roll or it wouldn’t have ever been close.

Hopefully we can get you guys some day.

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