Givony Early 2022 NBA Mock Draft

Behind a paywall.

This will obviously be pretty far off from what actually ends up happening but a good look at where everyone is starting.

Names of notes:
Houstan #9
Ivey #14
Keegan Murray #23
Jalen Wilson #39
TJD #46

Overall seems too heavy on international prospects

I don’t get how Diabate is not in the top 60


Dickinson? If Diabate’s not in there given his athleticism and measurables, maybe it’s an oversight. From what we’ve read and seen, there’s no way a guy like TJD goes above him.

Diabate is kind of a late riser and Givony can be a little late on HS late risers in his early mocks

Also has Mark Williams as a first rounder. I’m pretty sure, even by modern NBA game standards, I’d rather draft Hunter.

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whole paragraph describing the issues he caused holmgren and then hes not rated, givony is great but these early ones are usually wacky


Didn’t know that about him. Not a strong argument for paying for that content, in that case. Diabate is a McDonald’s All-American and that group was announced two months ago…

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Keegan Murray???


I really hope Ivey has the type of season that makes him a lottery pick, that would be fun to watch (as along as it doesnt come at the cost of Purdue spoiling M’s back-to-back B1G ships ofc)

Ivey definitely has potential but it’s pretty tough to be a top 20 pick as a smallish 2 guard shooting <30% from 3…

He’s 6’4"? But yeah I agree that he’s probably not getting into the lottery @ < 30 3P%. I probably wouldn’t eyeball him as a lottery pick even with a significant sophomore leap. I was just saying it would be fun if he got there. A Matt Painter offense hasn’t had an athletic slashing wing as its centerpiece since…(tho if Trevion comes back Ivey probs wont be the ‘centerpiece’ even with a soph leap)

I feel like on his advanced stats and profile alone if I had the 35-40th pick I would call up Keegan Murray and make him a promise to sign him to a guaranteed deal with a player option in year 4 or whatever is the most advantageous deal.