Getting to know the Michigan players

How social media has changed! These guys are hilarious when they are live on instagram and it’s fun to see what they are like off the court. They are good about answering questions and are funny (zak gets made fun of a lot for the missed dunk). Suggest everyone checks it out.

I agree. I’ve seen them on there quite a bit these past weeks and it is some funny stuff. When Walton and Irvin were waiting for Donlon to give them a ride home, some clown said to Walton that Wagner needed proactive and by chance, a few minutes later, Mo walks by and Walton actually tells him, was a funny joke. Mo Bamba was on the other day and he’s got a Michigan hat in his room LOL. Means nothing I know, but was pretty cool to see.

They called Bamba?

I think he means that Mo Bamba was on Instagram live on his own account.

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Correct. Bamba has his own instagram and was live on his own account.