Getting information from former players

There has been a lot of questions and discussion in this forum about why Bajema got so little playing time last year. The answer tends to be that his performance in practices probably didn’t warrant it.

Are these conclusions by people such as Dylan and others in his profession ever the result of private conversations with current or former teammates? Would a teammate (and perhaps friend) such as Castleton who has left the team ever answer questions by a person like Dylan on why Bajema didn’t play much?

If a player such as Castleton liked Bajema as a player and friend and wanted him to be viewed favorably by potential “transfer to” schools for Bajema, would it be inappropriate for him to make public answers to questions as to why Bajema should have been able to play more?

I am just curious as to whether or not it is deemed inappropriate for people like Dylan to ever have discussions with current and former teammates to get their views on matters like this.

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You can’t just talk directly to current players. All media interaction must go through the school first. Also all you are going to get is the blandest of blend quotes about a teammate transferring, especially on the record

DeAngelo, thanks for your response.

So you are saying that there can be no direct conversations between media and specific players or former players on topics like “why didn’t Bajema get to play more?”

Do players ever talk to their friends or relatives about issues like why they themselves are not getting to play much or why certain teammates aren’t playing much? If so, then why do we never (maybe we do?) see comments on forums like this from these friend/relative recipients of personal information on intra-squad issues?

Because players friends and relatives should star as far away as possible from Internet forums. Also they don’t want to air any dirty laundry.

I’d also add a players perspective will be highly biased and potentially not even helpful.

I think it’s safe to make the inference that Cole barely played in games because he didn’t play well enough in practice, where he played all the time. If he was running shit in practice, safe to say he would’ve played. We had minutes available.